Design Links of the Week

June 10th, 2011 • designNo Comments

Kisko Labs

Kisko Labs has got a professional-looking site with a smooth jQuery scroll effect. It's a dark design with many subtle details.


Dead simple design. I'm also really envious of their ability to make great-looking icons. Very clean.


This is my favorite design of the bunch. Really straightforward, and I'm digging the colors a lot (crimson/grey/white). Great use of subtle textures as well.

Pointless Corp

Very unique design right here. The old school aesthetic gives the site some personality. Look at the logo when the page loads, very cool effect right there.

Joe Donohue Writes

Super clean, rounded design that gets the message across very clearly. Unconventional color scheme, but it works very well.
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Design Links of the Week

May 29th, 2011 • designNo Comments

Oven Bits

Oven Bits has got a clean design with a great use of jQuery. You can tell a lot of extra detail and care was put into the site (hover over the baked goods in the footer).

Solid Giant

Solid Giant is a great example of mascot usage. Mascots draw visitors into a site on a deeper level and provide a sense of continuity.


I've always been a huge fan of MetaLab because of their super slick interfaces. Their style is reminiscent of iOS's UI, but they add in enough subtle differences to make it feel different.


Cornerd has got a really fun, cartoony theme to it as well as smart usage of a single page jQuery-enhanced layout.


Sites for iPhone apps/app developers always seem to be well-designed and SoftFacade is no exception. Also, take a look at the icons, amazing stuff.
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Hello World

May 29th, 2011 • otherNo Comments

Here’s the obligatory awkward first post on I’m going to use this blog to post web design/development tutorials, news, and links of interest. I’ll try my best to post frequently, but to be honest none of my blogs have lasted for too long in the past so don’t get your hopes up.

P.S. Just kidding, it’s gonna be awesome.

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